Monday, 9 December 2013

Bang!! Crash!!
I ran outside and .........

I shot a pig as it was racking up our paddock. by Sam

My chicken was struck by lightning! By Annie!!!!!!

I looked at my chicken. My mouth was wide open because my chicken was barking at my Emma 

An    owl  was   hooting   for   the    forest.    by 

And I went on my motorbike because I saw a pig by Ewan.

"I shot outside into the paddock to see what it was.
It was dad and the boom firer."by Shannon.

I heard my dad crashing and booming in the garage. by Brooklyn 

I saw thunder and lightning booming on the roof. by Georgie

I heard scratching and meeowing.  by Indianna.

I saw a shadow.  It was fuzzy . by Scarlette-rose

I saw a car crash.  Lily


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