Monday, 25 November 2013

Summer Holidays

What would you like to do in the summer holidays?

''Go to Stewart Island to stalk deer",said Sam.

"Go to Australia" said Ewan.

Move the horse & the cows in to another paddock" said Cyra-jae

"" Go    fishing     said    Orion.

"Go christmas camping"said Hazel.

"Go christmas camping"said Shannon.  

Go wakesnake fun. by Georgie.

Go swimming.''said Indianna.

Go to rainbosend . said Scarlette-Rose
Go to the beach . said Lydia
''I would like to go to Rarotonga.  said Eliza.

I would  like to  go to Australia  to   see all  their Animals."  said   Stella.

I like to go swimming in the creek." said Katie.

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