Friday, 24 February 2017

Happy 7th Birthday to Finn, who kindly brought in a yummy chocolate cake to share with the whole class.
We filled his bucket with compliments 
and write them on his birthday hat
so that he could be reminded of how fabulous he is.

Swimming lessons are under way and the pool is a great way to get some movement into our day in this hot weather.
This pictures show us practicing the various stages of floating.
Floating with support- key tips- head back like you are balancing a tennis ball and tummy up.  Finally relax!
Stage two- middle of pool with two support boards.
Stage 3- star float with no support.
Stage 4 - Pencil float with no support.
We made a lot of progress in one week!

Te Ao Maori Tuakana/Teina learning
Focus on flax and weaving
Important questions explored:
Why was/ is flax important to Maori culture?
What things can be made out of it?
How is it collected harvested- what are the rules/ guidelines for this?
Are puipui made out of flax? ( Jhiaani)

Today the seniors taught us a 3 plait and a 4 plait putiputi flower using paper.  Our next step is to harvest or collect flax correctly using a karakia and cutting on the outside of the plant to weave with the real material.

In our focus on Te Ao Maori ( The world of Maori) we have taken inspiration from the Maori artist Tracey Tawhiao who likes to paint on sheets of newspaper in block like shapes using various koru symbols.
Our start of the year classroom treaty has been made by each student picking a value that is important in our classroom as we strive to grow and be as success as possible
growing seeds of success to develop
all of our unique and special talents and weaknesses.